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Employees, channel partners, dealers and customers all need to be kept motivated to perform at their peak.
A properly designed incentive programme will keep people hyped the entire incentive build up period by means of full communication prior to travel.
A well-executed corporate incentive event will do exactly what its name suggests i.e. provide an incentive to the target audience to produce results you desire i.e. a positive outcome.
The first task at hand would be to fully understand the objectives of the incentive and design a programme tailor made to meet the brief. You need to look at what has been done in the past and what’s worked, what hasn’t, what the objective is, time frame and budgets, 
Solutions Group excels in designing and executing the buildup teaser campaign and lines of communication with participants long before culmination of the incentive trip or announcement of winners and prizes.
We show our clients how to make the programme a self-liquidating exercise so that the cost of the reward is paid from the incremental increase in profits – in other words the programme needs to provide a measurable return on investment.
So… no matter what your objectives, Solutions Group has the experience and creativity to develop an inspired programme and guide you every step of the way in the implementation and execution of it.
Stephanie at Solutions Group is your ‘go to’ person for more info – This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Entertaining at home can be made easier with pre-planning. Especially over the festive season when it’s slightly more chaotic than normal.

Entertaining tips and tricks

Hereunder are a number of ideas, Tips & Tricks we want to share with you for entertaining at home and making your Festive Season celebration fun and memorable for your family and guests but seamless and painless for you the host and hostess.
1. Choose dishes that you can prepare and cook before your guests arrive. 
When your guests arrive, you don't want to still be slaving away in the kitchen. You should be mingling and chatting and welcoming your guests. By this time they have arrived, all you should really need to do is take the dishes out of the oven, dress the salads and do the finishing touches. Below are a number of dishes that we recommend are easy to prepare ahead of time.
2. If there aren't left overs, you haven't made enough food!
You don't want your guests to go home hungry, make sure to over cater – left overs are always great to have in the fridge and freezer!
3. Know if there are any dietary requirements. 
Vegetarian, vegan, gluten free, nut allergies. It doesn't mean the whole menu needs to be catered around the dietary requirements, but make sure there are enough options for everyone.
Solution Groups tips and tricks
 4. Always have something ready for guests to graze on as soon as they arrive 
Cheese boards and grazing plates are perfect for this. Below you will find my favourite grazing platters to make.  – 
5. Ask your friends to bring drinks and set up a drinks station 
Throwing a Christmas season lunch or dinner can be costly..  Most guests will ask or offer to bring something.  Ask them to bring whatever they would like to drink.
6. Prepare water jugs 
Make sure you have water jugs jotted around the place, at the dinner table and at the drinks station. A nice touch is to add some fresh mint leaves and slices of lemon into the water jugs.
Festice season tips and tricks
 7. A little decoration and styling goes a long way 
You don't need to go too over the top, but a few nice touches can go a long way.  Pick up some fresh flowers or greenery and dot a few small jars or vases of them around the place. I usually like to put a small flower or rosemary twig on each place setting too. Candles are also a great addition, just make sure they aren't scented, as this can ruin the taste of the food. It’s a nice touch to also place a few tea candles in jars.
8. Have an activity 
I think it’s always nice to have a little activity planned for the night to make sure everyone is getting involved in the evening and having a good time. One of my favourite things to do at this time of the year is to place a piece of paper at each place setting that says "in 2017 I am grateful for.... and in 2018 I hope to achieve...." pass pens around throughout the night and ask your guests to fill this out.  After main course and before dessert get everyone to take it in turns to read theirs out to the table. Other fun activities are secret Santa or a piñata.
For more handy hints and festive season hacks, feel free to e-mail Stephanie on This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call on 083 675 6666
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Matric Rage Festival season is just about upon us.. Every year thousands of teenagers descend on KwaZulu - Natal beautiful coast and Plettenburg Bay for a week long festival that pulses and heaves.  This is where the party happens. This where epic is born and late nights and lots more happen!
After 12 years of school and the stress of exams, your teen will tell you they deserve the fun of the annual matric Rage Festival in Umhlanga, Ballito or Plett. 
The Top Two destinations in South Africa where raging Matriculants pack up and have the best ever party holiday are Ballito/ Umhlanga and Plettenberg Bay.
Most Gauteng and Durban Matrics go to Umhlanga/Ballito about 30 kms from Durban central.  Matrics from the Cape as well Gauteng also go to Plettenberg Bay. 
Last year there were of 150 000 Matrics that paid and went to Rage.
The special Rage passports available with value add services and entrance fees to clubs that are created for Rage, range from over R5000 for VVIP Platinum tickets down to R700 tickets.
Rage Festival generates huge revenues for the hosting towns.
Arm your teenagers with info to help them party safely – you’ll sleep more soundly. Here’s what to tell them: (courtesy of Good Housekeeping).
Plett Rage 2017
10 Things Your Teen Needs To Know Before They Head off to the Matric Rage Festival
1. Get a Passport
A Rage Festival Passport (from R800 for a Rage Lite Passport to R4 200 for a Rage Black Passport) gives access to all events and free or cheaper access to after parties and shuttle transport. If you plan to party for more than five days, this is a better option than paying for individual entries – but the biggest plus is that Passport wristbands are swiped at each venue, automatically updating your Facebook status. This makes it easier to find friends if you get separated – or for your parents to see where you are and sleep better.
2. Think Ahead
You may be offered illicit and dangerous substances – why risk the future you’ve being studying so hard for, with one silly action? ‘Drugs are illegal and offenders caught with them at the festival will be handed over to the police,’ says Rage organiser Igor Najbicz. Remember, a drug record will seriously limit your future travel prospects, as many countries deny entrance to visa applicants with criminal records.
3.  Spiking Happens
Spiking drinks is a reality, says John Buswell, CEO of Rape Wise. Keep an eye on each other, go to toilets together and get help the instant one of you feels unwell. Don’t accept drinks from strangers, have only drinks you’ve opened or seen opened and poured, and avoid ice cubes – some barmen may spike them, he says. If you leave your drink to go and dance, don’t go back and finish it, rather buy another drink.
4. Pace yourself
Booze flows night and day, and a newbie drinker can overdo it – don’t risk unsafe sex, accidents or hangovers that ruin your Rage experience. Decide on your drinks limit each night, eat before going out, drink plenty of water and stick with your friends.
5. Get the App
Download the Rage Festival app, free for Android and iPhone users. It lists emergency numbers in the unlikely event that something goes wrong, and also includes all the necessary event, entertainment and transport information. ‘This year our Passport wristband will also carry all your emergency contact details (medical aid and so on), as the safety of our guests is our number one priority,’ says Najbicz. Also enter these contacts (your parents, doctor, allergies) in your mobile address book under ICE (In Case of Emergency) in the event you pass out or are too ill or hurt to speak.
6. Check in
Arrange to SMS your parents each day to check in, and do it – it will give them peace of mind and stop them constantly calling and embarrassing you when you’re with friends.
7. Stay Put
Be sure your parents know where you’re staying, and if you change accommodation, tell them – again to spare them worry, and you the humiliation of them calling the police to find you.
8. You’re Still your Parent’s Baby!
Know that there’s no ‘bad time’ to call your parents – if you need to cry about a broken heart at 3am, they will be relieved that you turned to them for advice.
9. No Means No
Be aware of the ‘hooking up’ competition, where some boys go around trying to kiss as many girls as they can each night – if they don’t keep it light and fun, report it and any other behaviour that gets out of hand.
10. Your Safety Net
Look out for the Red Frogs, the legendary support network that safeguards Rage revelers. They will make you free pancakes and give out water outside clubs to keep you hydrated, or walk you home free. ‘We are there to help in any situation, so save our number: 060 733 3764 or 060 REDFROG,’ says their social-media manager and volunteer, Pippa Rowney.
Get in touch with Solutions Group to explain to you how to arrange accommodation and Rage Festival passports. 011 706 3242 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
sun city golf challenge 2017

2017 Nedbank Golf Challenge at Sun City hosted by Gary Player

Once again Sun City will be opening its greens to the Nedbank Golf Challenge that will take place this November the 9th to the 12th.  This stunningly beautiful and extravagant golf tournament held with the backdrop of the Pillansberg mountains is one of South Africa’s premier Golf Championships.  Also known as the Millionaires Challenge.  Some of the World’s best and biggest names in golf play in this tournament ever since its inception decades ago.
One of the longest courses in the world measuring at 7000 meters with strategically placed bunkers and shaped greens, the Gary Player golf course is world renowned.
People travel from around the world to be at this prestigious event and as it is one of South Africa’s Top tournaments of the year.
Sun City will host over 72 players playing for 4 days to win prize money to the value of over 7.5 million dollars.
It is known as the Home of the Nedbank Golf challenge and the Gary Player Country Club golf course hosts the tournament for the 36th year this November.
The golf course was designed by Gary Player himself and the event is also hosted by the Iconic Golfer. Mr Player is definitely one of South Africa’s most celebrated and talented sports personality in history and well renowned globally.
Sun City’s iconic Superbowl will provide the stage for the induction of golfing legend Gary Player, who designed both championship golf courses at the resort, into the South African Hall of Fame Powered by Samsung this November 2017.
The induction ceremony dubbed Knight of Hope on 6 November 2017 will be attended by representatives from the government and business world, as well as members of the local and international sports community.
So don’t forget to contact Stephanie Moss solutions who will ensure you arrange the best sort of hospitality packages for the day or even just walk around tickets for during the tournament.
Get in touch with us or email us with your requirements and we will be happy to assist.
Stephanie Moss