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Solutions Group Favourite Florals For Summer Currently

favorite Floral's For Summer

Solutions Group keeps ahead of the curve on all trends. Here is our pick of what is current, understated and stylish for Summer corporate and private events.
The below are our observations on the current ‘florals and flower scene’.
Flower farmers may plan for 4 definite growing seasons, but flower arrangements and centrepieces are even faster moving than that we think!
We are seeing old-fashioned flowers as “new” favourites. The thought of using common zinnias, carnations or chrysanthemums for wedding flowers used to be very common and very infradig and just not used in corporate or wedding flower arrangements and centrepieces. 
But times change and those ‘trad’ old style flowers are making a big come back.
They are called ‘heirloom varieties’ now and there are new versions and colours and even shapes and sizes of these traditional flowers such as carnations, zinnias, chrysanthemums. It’s the new old look!
Grey is in. Crisp and clean lined white with grey dyed flowers as well as all those trendy succulents and aloes and eucalyptus, olive branches and grey leaves/foliage.
It’s an in look.
Wild, ‘gathered from the garden’ bouquet shapes. Traditional tight, round posies are very last millennium…
Functions, banquets, weddings, all favour big, loose, wild luscious table settings that are low and wide and long. 
A mixture of high and low and lots of small vases feature as table centrepieces. Rather than a sea of carbon copy centrepieces, the look is definitely a variety  i.e. some high and some low centre pieces, different blooms used and also a large square or round base in the middle with at least half a dozen small vases, bowls, candles with varying shapes and sizes of arrangements in them. These are our very best way of doing arrangements currently.  So varied and interesting!
Dessert treats. Flowers are even changing the face of dinner desserts! Served desserts to each person are a bit dated these days and a Dessert buffet beautifully stylised and with flower and foliage to detail the dessert table is far better received and more interesting in taste, flavour and on the eye! 
Greenery is Good!  Simple arrangements featuring elegant greenery are on the rise, according to Pinterest.  Instead of dropping a ton of cash on expensive flowers, functions are incorporating budget-friendly foliage instead. They look gorgeous arranged in glass vases, or styled as a runner with candles.
Pick our brain for the best and freshest floral and centrepiece ideas out there. Call us or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.