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If you’re looking for a powerful way to motivate and inspire your staff to achieve more, call on Solutions Group. With your involvement we will tailor your teambuilding or leadership programme to reach your company goals within specified budgets.

It is only through an understanding of each company’s personal requirements and a unique and thorough knowledge of teambuilding that Solutions Group is able to suggest specific tailored packages from the vast array of opportunities available for teambuilding.

Solutions Group has a myriad of teambuilding activities on offer to reward your staff and build communication, leadership and planning skills. Our various corporate fun teambuilding events are a great way to help your staff find new ways of working together more successfully.

Planning and managing a team building event is highly  attention to detail focused and time consuming.  For those who aren’t completely in the know be they at a large or small corporate finding an idea that is fresh and meets the business objectives and stays within budget is a task and a half.
That’s why it’s best to leave to those ‘in the know’! such as  Solutions Group who have the ability and skill to conceptualise, pre-plan and execute your Team Building event with a difference from start to finish.
This leaves our clients to get on with B2B matters and not worry about logistics they may not be all that familiar with in the first instance as it’s not the main focus of their day to day business activities.
So the objective is to just make it happen for our Clients so they don’t get bogged down with the detail and can interact with staff and clients on the day.
Our range of Team Building activities is tailorised to Client’s brief.  The activities vary but are always fresh and target on communication, fun and driving home a key message.
Socializing, working together and networking in an environment that varies from the office scenario are our speciality too i.e. finding the perfect location along with the perfect Team Building activation is what we at Solutions Group do really well for our Clients.