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Solutions Group will recommend the optimum destination at the best rates available in the industry.

Employees need to be kept motivated to perform at their peak. A properly designed incentive programme will keep staff hyped for the entire incentive build up period by means of a full incentive communication service prior to travel.

Solutions Group will design and execute a teaser campaign and communicate with participants by means of launch parties. We will provide a travel hotline service beforehand, tease potential travellers via email, and on-line, as well as text technology and destination related gifts.

More and more companies are turning to incentive programmes to stimulate a higher level of performance. When you work with Solutions Group we will guide you through the elements your programme needs to be successful.

Any travel related reward should be a memorable experience and contain elements that individuals could not duplicate on their own no matter what the price paid. Travel also offers intangible benefits such as time with a spouse and an opportunity to mingle with executives on a social basis.

If the reward is merchandise there should be a range of highly sought after items so that something in the product mix appeals to every participant.

Self-liquidating cost
The programme budget should be structured so that the cost of the reward is paid from the incremental increase in profit (via sales increases or cost savings) generated by the winners. In other words, the programme should provide a measurable return on investment.

No matter what your objectives, Solutions Group as a full service incentive marketing company, has the experience and creativity to develop a motivating/inspiring programme that will help you achieve results. All implemented by guiding you every step of the way.

We take pride in our knowledge of the remarkable and unusual travel opportunities out there and it enables our talented staff and destination management companies to design extraordinary itineraries, customized events and cost-effective packages.

The company with its well trained and dynamic staff is fully geared to providing the A to Z of any incentive, conference, special interest event and tailor-made programme. Your success will be guaranteed by an outstanding professional service, creative and accurate programmes, detailed information, innovative motivational activities, prompt answers and competitive quotes.

The superior quality of our services begins from the first contact with our company. You will find friendly and efficient staff always ready to provide the most suitable suggestions for your project. Solutions Group's team realizes the importance of incentive related activities and therefore the best attention is given to every single detail, resulting in the smoothest development of the operations.