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11 Sep


Here is what you need to know in order to take your virtual event from good to great. Make your content stand out from the crowd and wow your attendees.  Technology is just one piece of a virtual event puzzle. Keeping your audiences engaged and interested from afar can be challenging and requires a different approach that in-person events.

Don’t: Treat this like a normal video call
Do: Test, Rehearse and Double check

The rehearsing side involves making sure that your technology is okay for the event. Make sure that your software is working, make sure your internet is working and test the camera, speaker etc.

Don’t: Limit audience participation to questions
Do: Take advantage of Social Engagement tools

With a virtual audience, it allows you to take advantage of interactive tools that are difficult to pull off in-person. This means that you should not just leave questions until the end of the presentation but incorporate interaction throughout the presentation with polling questions as an example.

Don’t: Expect your audiences undivided attention
Do: Schedule Breaks

Distractions are bound to happen when people are attending an event virtually. Your email is just a tab away and no one can see you slacking off. Rather than trying to battle with attendee attention, give them time to scratch that itch. If people know that there will be breaks to get to their emails, they will more than likely pay attention, so make this clear from the start.

Don’t: Rely on a single device
Do: Have a backup device ready to go

Make sure to have a backup ready for if your technology decides to crash. This will make is easier than you trying to scramble back online while your attendees wait or leave.

Don’t: Handle your presentation and event all by yourself
Do: Bring in help to manage your technology and your audience

Make use of a virtual moderator or an assistant that can help manage Q&A’s, live polls and more. If you are having tech issues, your co-host can speak in so that the audience is not left hanging. You may also want to bring in another production manager to handle the tech aspects of your virtual event. They can handle that side of things while you focus on the content of your event.

The main ways to make sure that your event is great is to make sure to prepare everything, have engagement with your audience and make sure to have more than 1 person on your team to help you through the process.

Solutions Group Events can be a part of your team to make sure your event is most definitely great.

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