Solutions Group Events was established in excess of 20 years ago in a time frame where it was a smaller but highly competitive market of quality companies and individuals with strong work ethic and huge industry knowledge.

Stephanie’s company’s successes have always had her personal 110% is the bare minimum principle in mind and the professionalism, uncompromising commitment to quality and detail, passion, tenacity and grit – that she considers all important factors – that ensure the ongoing long term successes of the company in an era where quality and standards are fast changing but not always progressively.


Solutions Group Events ethos works because of the passion and rigour the team puts into orchestrating events, designing bespoke events and functions, having the know-how, visualising the creativity and flawlessly and seamlessly being able to execute the logistics and mechanics which is only possible from years of experience and the best network of suppliers and clients in the industry locally and globally.

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Event Management

Conferences, Product Launches, Functions and Incentives with flair and style.


Incentive Travel

Simplifying your travel experience and customising Travel and Sport incentives.

Audio Visual Replacement

Event Add-On Services

Event solutions from ground level to execution, and event solutions from Registration Services to Audio Visual.

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Online Virtual Events

Solutions Group Events will design your virtual meeting structure taking all small elements into account just as we always have!

Precise coordination, extraordinary results.