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7 Dec


Almost two years have passed and it seems that the pot of gold of our people-centered industry has finally resurfaced – the face-to-face meeting. Events might not look the same for a while after we return in-person, but digital tools will definitely help event organizers overcome their remaining challenges. 

Will virtual and hybrid events go away in 2022? 

A LinkedIn survey of 1,800 meeting professionals predicts that many organizers of in-person events have intentions to deliver a “digital twin” event, meaning that one or more online components of the same event will be broadcasted to remote audiences. And the most curious thing of all is when we realize that a person who’s attending the event in-person, can enjoy the simultaneity of attending an online session of the same event.

The research also found that 42% of organizers will continue to seek virtual event production services for sustainability reasons, reducing the need for transportation, one-time use of plastic and other consumables often found at live events.

Therefore it is safe to assume that virtual and hybrid events aren’t expected to fade away in 2022. Whether for their capability to reach a wider audience, to offer greater affordability ROI, to deliver data-driven insights, because of its liability to create meaningful attendee experiences or even due to environmental concerns. After all, sustainable events have contactless and paperless interactions.

Hybrid as the viable route in 2022

One key benefit of hybrid events is that they make it easier to deliver a superb line-up than ever before, allowing organizers to bring in worldwide guest speakers that would have been beyond their reach with a mere in-person event. This strong, virtual component can be scaled to take in many more attendees than your venue alone ever could. Indeed, exploring the global reach of hybrid events is a must-follow trend in 2022.

Another reason why hybrid events will thrive in the events industry is because of their longer lifespan, leading many brands to extend their message beyond the event itself. With digital registration it’s possible to repurpose event content into post-event campaigns to retarget attendees remotely with extra content or to open up the event to more people in an inclusive way. For instance, for people who may not have been able to attend the in-person experience.


Chartered flights to hyperloops, from eco-sensitive travel to sustainable community tourism are some of the trends that will influence travel makers’ decision in 2022

A Once-in-a-Lifetime Trip

One of the most common trends revealed by queries and bookings on portals is that many travellers are keen to take their once-in-a-lifetime trip now rather than postpone it to later. The pandemic and the lockdown have made people realise that the future can be uncertain indeed.

There is a substantial increase in searches for travel to epic destinations or experiences. Searches for Tanzania—where travelers can see the Big Five in the wild—are up by 36%. Bookings to the Peruvian cities of Lima and Cusco, near Machu Pichu, are up by nearly 50%, and flights to Petra in Jordan—of Indiana Jones fame—are up by 22%. As well, the Okavango, the Maldives, Fiji, the Northern Lights and other once in a lifetime bucket list exclusive trips.

Short-Haul Destinations

Interestingly, many people are keen to travel within the country or to short haul destinations. If there is any chance of a global lockdown, they would not be stuck far from home. Besides, travel restrictions, including testing requirements and quarantine, are also forcing people to opt for domestic travel or within the same region.

Vacations with Friends and Family

Another key trend noticed is that people are keen to travel in large groups consisting of their extended family or close friends and their families. One, because after living a digital life for almost two years, most are hankering for that personal touch, in person interactions. Second, because travelling with a group of people who are known to each other creates a safety bubble. Hence ‘friendcations’ are on the rise. 

Travel by Chartered Planes

Another noticeable feature is that the demand for travelling by chartered planes from the well-heeled is also on the rise. Wedding charters are also in demand, especially between November and March and taking over of hotels, lodges and resorts.

Sustainable Travel

Many have realised that sustainability is key to survival with its benefits spreading through the society. Community tourism, eco-friendly holidays, lowering the carbon footfall are some of the areas which are seeing increased interest.

Futuristic Travel

The day is also not far, according to Amadeus travel portal, that speedy futuristic travel will decrease travel time, leaving the traveller more time to explore. Think hyperloop, space travel and hotels, and new supersonic airliners.


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