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13 Jun

Top 3 Event Concept Ideas That Will Blow Your Attendees Away

Solutions Group has been planning and executing events for a very long time. As veterans of the industry, we can say with certainty that people are seeking memorable experiences.

Here are our top 3 selected ideas:

1. Silent Conferences

Silent Conferences are a growing trend and worth investigating for larger events with a diversity of delegates.
So, what is a silent conference? Essentially, it’s an event where guests don wireless headphones and tune into a specific lecture.
The silent conference concept is a huge time saver for event planners because it means multiple speakers can speak at once, while guests tune into the presentation they’re interested in. This is also beneficial when the venue lacks multiple rooms.

2. Secret Events

Throughout history, there were countless high-profile, but secret events that were shrouded in mystery with admission only granted to a select few! To give your event an aura of secrecy, don’t reveal the location until several hours before!

3. Unconferences

An unconference is another term many of our clients have never heard of. It’s a relatively new concept and one that’s gaining a lot of traction. Unlike a traditional conference, unconferences are loosely structured and often don’t even have a speaker.
There are no assigned topics to be discussed. The topics are left to the guests that write down what they would like to talk about. Based on what is written, guests are broken into groups where the chosen topics become a focus subject.
This is ideal for a research project. Seating does not have to be a formal classroom, boardroom or U-shape style. Seating can be al fresco, deconstructed setups and even standing room only for shorter presentations.

One has to keep things fresh and that’s what Solutions Group is good at!

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