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21 Sep


Raise the bar for your virtual event Ways to Raise the Bar on virtual events

Good technology and smart marketing are only the basics for online meetings. The harder part is to get attendees to pay attention.

Anyone can get attendees on a virtual meeting, but it takes a lot to get people to ignore their phones and emails and tune in.

Here under are our ideas to Raise the bar on your virtual meetings with these five ideas :

  1. Give attendees something exclusive :

Integrate immersive and intimate experiences that make attendees feel privileged. An example of this would be taking clients on a 360-degree tour of the factory floor or offering small-group conversations with the CEO.

  1. Keep the pacing lively :

Tell strong stories, embrace visual storytelling, ask questions and conduct polls, use every technique that you can think of to vary your delivery to keep the pacing fast and forward-moving.

  1. Hire on-air talent :

Invest in a professional Facilitator/MC to guide delegates/attendees through the virtual experience. They add energy, help with pacing and they know how to think on their feet when things go wrong.

  1. Engage with your event sponsors :

Ask sponsors to produce adverts for the event that explain why they choose to support your organisation. They will help transition between the agenda and Powerpoint presentations and break up the style and change the energy of the Virtual meeting and also give your sponsors valuable face time with participants.

  1. Think like an audience member :

Design your experience with your guests point of view in mind. If you would find something dull, they definitely will too.

Be merciless and cut anything you don’t think is working. Always look for ways to surprise and delight your audience, whether that means an unexpected special guest or bonus content you didn’t advertise or a competition with prizes announced during the webinar.

  1. Live Tweeting :

Start an online discussion by live tweeting an event, asking a question or host and #Ask Me Anything. Use a # hashtag to help people find and follow the conversation.

  1. Social Stories :

Stories are a good platform to share videos and visuals of tutorials, interviews and more. Add filters, special effects and stickers to take questions, conduct polls, host an influencer takeover etc. On Instagram you can add them to your highlights for future viewers. Facebook stories, Instagram stories, Tik Tok and Snapchat are good for this.



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